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A Water-Type Training Event is now underway in Pokemon Masters. It will run from today until June 18th. Beyond that, DeNA has also announced that new Main Story Content will be arriving soon alongside the Legendary Arena and Medals, which can be earned by meeting certain criteria when completing battles or missions.Given the imminent arrival of the Legendary Arena then it makes sense that the Training Event would be for Water-Types given that Entei will be the first Pokemon to players will do battle with there. If you're unfamiliar with these events it will give players a series of battles to complete that will give Water Pokemon additional experience.There will also be 29 missions to complete throughout the duration of the event that will net players a mixture of vouchers, gems and co-op Sync Orbs. These mostly involve beating the various fights a set number of times. Beyond that, there are also some missions for levelling up Barry & Piplup specifically. The vouchers that you earn through both missions and just completing the battles themselves can then be exchanged for various training items such as Elite Four Notes, Aide Ade, Buff Blends and Tech Tonics. You'll also be able to exchange a larger amount of them to increase Barry & Piplup and Misty & Starmie's Sync Move level.Since the introduction of the Sync Grid, anytime there has been a type-specific training event the Pokemon that are featured have had their Sync Grid's expanded to coincide with it. That means that both Misty & Starmie and Barry & Piplup now have advanced grid's available, allowing players a little more customisation over the build of both pairs.Pokemon Masters is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.Enjoy Japanese games? Here 25 of the best available for Android.

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