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<p>As reported by Android Police earlier today, NBA 2K Playgrounds has made its way onto Android devices. It's found a little success on both PC and console, where it's 2v2 NBA Jam type set up has proven to be fairly popular in spite of questions over the inclusion of microtransactions.</p><p>In its transition to mobile, it has become a free-to-play game, which means that whilst those microtransactions are still there, you won't have to shell out for the game in the first place like with the PC or console versions. It's also currently in beta, so there might be a few issues if you do give the game a try.</p><p>If you're unfamiliar with NBA 2K Playgrounds it's a more arcade-style take on basketball featuring 2v2 matches on smaller courts. You'll be able to play with stars from across the history of the NBA and they'll all be styled in a deliberately cartoonish fashion. Kind of like those caricature paintings in shopping centres that I've never seen anyone buy.</p>.

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