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Daddy Long Legs is already a silly game. It's about being a spider-thing, trying to walk forward as far as possible, then falling flat on your face.But, get this: It's about to get a lot sillier.Set Snail Games has been working hard on new features for Daddy Long Legs in recent weeks.This includes new costumes for both Daddy and Horse. Two of which are called "burger Horse" and "sheep Daddy." There will be more, of course, including the two pictured below - Neander fall, and Heli-hopter.In the forthcoming update, more physics will be added to all the costumes too. Set Snail says it makes walking and falling even more fun.Oh, and there will also be 64-bit support. That may or may not be due to the team migrating the game to Unity 5 recently.If you haven't already, you can download Daddy Long Legs for free on the App Store and Google Play..

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