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We all know the Nintendo Switch to be a console that's nigh impossible to get hold of at times. As it turns out, to meet demands Nintendo had to ship a quantity of the devices by air in March, The Wall Street Journal reveals."We carried some of the Switches by plane in March to serve our customers more promptly," said a Nintendo spokeswoman.Air shipping is certainly not a cheap option, costing a potential $45(ish) per unit, but it is more efficient than using the traditional shipping method. But, having sold 2.74 million copies, and with people still shouting out for more stock, its flame certainly isn't dying down just yet.The report also reveals that Nintendo switched to the regular method of shipping via sea in April, which is why it's taking a tad longer for us to get stock updates.Given that so far whenever a surge of consoles hit out, the scatterings are snapped up in mere hours before the wait begins all over again.Source: Kotaku.

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