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Tin Man Games has released another digital gamebook adaptation on the Google Play Store. This one's called The Sagas of Fire*Wolf. I don't know why there's an asterisk in the title, but there is, so there.The game runs using the same Gamebook Engine that powers a lot of Tin Man's other games, and features not one, not six, but four individual books for you to work your way through. That's a lot of books.They're based on the series written by Herbie Brennan, and tell the story of a barbarian exiled from his village who goes on to become a wizard. Proper fantasy gamebook fare then.You can grab The Sagas of Fire*Wolf from the Google Play Store right now for £5.99 / $9.99. That's pretty cheap for four books worth of swords and sorcery shenanigans.Expect to see the game hitting the App Store sometime in the not-too-distant future..

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com.sigmateam.Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight.free

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