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The Traveler and FortuneThe King of Fighters ALLSTAR's latest update has now arrived, and it introduces a handful of neat additions.First off, an all-new set of missions based on the story of The King of Fighters '99 is now available. On top of that, you can expect to see Ash Crimson, the main hero of KOF 2003, arrive as a new playable fighter.

Game features:

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4、�The thing with being the Pocket Gamer Podcast is anything that plays games and fits in your pocket falls within our remit.Ipso facto: James, Em, and Ric find themselves debating the merits of the newly announced PlayStation Classic.They also cover new releases like Life is Strange: Before the Storm on iOS, light-based puzzler Where Shadows Slumber, and more.Plus James talks to the devs behind Oceanhorn 2 live from the Pocket Gamer Connects: Helsinki floor.Download episode 457:(right click to save-as, left click to play)

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